👾Journey of a Sprite Demo👾


An Adventure 2D RPG Game where you play in a dungeon!!

This is just a demo, working on the full game.

You can download it too (check down below).

Feel free to give suggestions! 💙




SPACE - Attack


Will be added (Full Game)

- Story

- Magic System

- Bosses

- New Enemies

- More Levels

- Improve songs

- Music (I really need to learn how to compose)


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Developed by LM Game Dev (Lucas Marinho)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorLM Game Dev
GenreRole Playing, Action, Adventure, Platformer
Made withTIC-80
Tags2D, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube


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Journey of a Sprite - Demo (LINUX) 9.5 MB
Journey of a Sprite - Demo (WINDOWS) 3.5 MB

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Is the cart file available for download and use in an emulator?

I loved the "Legend of Zelda" vibe of this game.

I found the pixel perfect gaps to be a bit annoying. Otherwise, great work.

Looking forward to see what you have in store.

Not too bad for starters! I would just suggest making the collision masks smaller (so it is less awkward to get around and easier to tell if enemies will hit you / be hit by your sword). Also, when I go down to the room below the beginning, I often get killed instantly, before I have a chance to see the enemy. Perhaps make that room longer, so the enemy doesn't get to you as fast?

Good luck!

Got it!! Thanks for reviewing. Gonna do it all


Thanks mate!!

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@LM Game Dev I found problem 


This is Star16 Palette - picture art. I can't run HTML?

Please comment

Gonna check!!


Lots of Potential keep going!


+ Simple but nice graphics.

+ Accessibility of the game.

+ Sound effects

+ Controls

+ Guide


- Difficulty: enemies move too quickly making it too easy for you to die. 

- Collision masks/hit-boxes are too big in general.

- Music

- Length of demo (though I assume this will increase)

- Name of the game (imo)


o Make the collision masks/hit-boxes smaller

o Slow down the enemies

o Make/use better music

Thanks for reviewing mate!! 

So about the collision I have already done an improvement just haven't launched yet. 

The name has a meaning and will be explained during the story.

 Also I'm not good composing but I'm working on it haha. 

And will have far more levels just need finish them. 

About the enemies speed, I'm trying to find the bet number for it!! 

Thanks again. I really appreciate!


I gave it a go.

That's really cool. Thanks!!

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The game looks pretty cool. I really like the artstyle and music :).  Unfortunately I had two problems with this demo. Collision  next to first doors is too big. I just cant fit into the hallway.  The second thing is in my opinion the enemies are just too fast. If they run you have not time for reaction.

Thanks for reviewing!! 

I tried to minimize it as much as I could but it's still hard to fit, gonna check  what can I do but about the enemie speed, I was alredy concerning to change it, but I'm gonna add some magic that could resolve it too!

Thanks again, really appreciate :D

I wonder if you could make enemies notice you from further away? When you have to approach so close to the enemies before they start moving, it makes it hard to react quickly when they start moving. If they start moving from further away, then you will have more time to react.


Nice game bro!! I'm waiting for the continuation

It´s really challenging at the beginning and i have so much fun playing. I´ve died just 2 times ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

So... good job man.

Thanks bro!! Will be released soon. Just wait !! 


Great job man, really liked it! You have  a gift for it :D


The game is actually very good man.So much fun and challenging,I hope you will continue working on a complete version of the game.It has so much potencial.I´d like to suggest for you to add a death counter!

Gonna add and thank you very much!! 


Jogo Otimo & Bem Feito Parabéns Ao Desenvolvedor Muito Potencial!

Muito obrigado!!  Fico feliz de ouvir isso  :D

Espero que goste mais ainda da versão final!!

Não deixe de acompanha haha


I really like that, do you have gamejolt account?

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Thanks mate!!

Yes I have!!

great, can you check my game? Maybe we can do something together. https://gamejolt.com/games/Exotic/401083

Of course!! Gonna check it!!